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Put together in an exciting and rewarding package, and incorporating such important issues as personal safety and building strong character, km-X is a wonderful program for our children. In an increasingly demanding, and sometimes scary world, km-X offers our children an opportunity to strengthen themselves both physically and mentally, providing them important tools for their healthy physical, emotional, social, and psychological development. A program such as this would be an amazing opportunity for any child.

Randy Gold
Psy. D. Child and Family Therapist and Author: The Feelings Box

Because of the numerous child abduction cases in our communities, my wife and I wanted to enroll our children–eleven year old daughter & eight year old son–in a self defense class. As a former Marine (Vietnam 1967-68), I had a keen sense of what I wanted: something practical, effective, direct–no high falutin kicks. I wanted something that could be learned relatively quickly and applied almost immediately in an aggressive street encounter. After visiting many dojos, I came upon KRAV MAGA, and immediately signed my kids up. The techniques that were being presented were so ideal that I joined myself. Four months later, we all have our yellow belts and are practicing the KRAV MAGA techniques all over the house.

Joe Carberry
Special Ed Teacher – Hamilton High School in Los Angeles

In almost 20 years of law enforcement, I have seen that our society’s most valuable and vulnerable asset is our children. While we want to always be there to protect them, the reality is that we cannot be with them all of the time. km-X fills in that gap. km-X teaches our children how to avoid dangerous situations when possible and how to effectively defend themselves when a situation cannot be avoided. The system consists of realistic self defense techniques that are effective against adult assailants, while at the same time explaining when it is and is not appropriate to use these techniques. The system is taught in an environment that is fun to learn in, but at the same time stresses the seriousness of the training. If you care about your children, km-X training will give you peace of mind when you are not around.

Maury Sumlin
Southern California Police Officer / Defensive Tactic Instructor

In my son Parker’s case, he did not enjoy any of the traditional sports, i.e. baseball, soccer, basketball, etc. He was interested in learning karate, and based on a referral, we tried Krav Maga. Finally, he has found something he enjoys. He competes against himself, rather than other teammates, and he’s proud of the progress he’s making. His self confidence, coordination and manners have all improved since he started (6) months ago. As a parent, I had my reservations (I liken this to the Cobra Kai in "Karate Kid" – tough and mean), but my husband wanted to give it a try. I am very pleased with the progress Parker has made and the staff and instructors are polite, friendly and well qualified – nothing like the Cobra Kai!

Heather, Parent

Our 6½ year old daughter was great at sports and very social, but being very small for her age was starting to affect her confidence. We wanted her to feel powerful, strong and know that she could defend herself against someone much bigger than she was. After only five months of Krav Maga she has learned many impressive moves. She has more confidence and is not easily intimidated by new situations or people. She says she can’t wait until she is a black belt and knows it will take a few years, but that is, “okay because I’ll be a teenager who no one will mess with”.

Michelle Lieberman, Parent

For Riley, I think Krav Maga has given him a better sense of confidence in dealing with people. He has always had a strong sense of right and wrong, but now he has the confidence to assess the situation and take what steps are necessary for a positive outcome.

Majid Ali
Parent & Krav Maga Student

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