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Krav Maga Worldwide Official Training Center

Xtreme Krav Maga St. Louis is a Krav Maga Worldwide Official Training Center.


Krav Maga Worldwide®:  Making People Safer & Stronger.

Welcome to Krav Maga, the self-defense training program that will strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and transform your life.  At Krav Maga Worldwide, we are dedicated to providing the highest caliber of self-defense instruction to thousands of people, as well as supporting the company’s core commitments to empowering people to be safe, strong, healthy, fit, and confident.

Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc. is the largest reality-based self-defense organization in the world and industry leader in Krav Maga-based self-defense, fitness, and combat.  Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, emphasizing instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios.  The Krav Maga System has since expanded across the globe and is now utilized by law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and the average citizen looking to learn practical self-defense and get in shape.

Over 150 Certified Krav Maga Training Centers and 1,000 Law Enforcement Agencies

Founded in 1997 to promote Krav Maga throughout the United States and around the world, Krav Maga Worldwide trains and certifies instructors and licenses, with over 150 authorized Krav Maga training centers (KMW Official Training Centers™) in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Europe.  Krav Maga Worldwide has trained over 5,000 law enforcement and military personnel, together representing more than 1,000 government agencies and military units throughout the United States.  Krav Maga Worldwide’s mission is simple: provide others with the skills, mindset, and knowledge in order to better and strengthen their lives.

Keeping People Safe, Strong, Healthy, Fit and Confident

We’re proud of our Krav Maga training program.  KMW Training Centers offer the highest caliber of instruction to thousands of people, supporting the company’s core commitments to keeping people safe, healthy, fit, and confident.  With the help of devoted leaders and organizations, Krav Maga Worldwide continues to develop, promote and implement self-defense and fitness programs that help participants build physical and mental strength.



Krav Maga is the official self defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces and U.S. law enforcement agencies. The literal translation of Krav Maga from Hebrew to English is “contact combat” or “close combat.” This wholly unique and original method was developed and refined during years of conflict. Krav Maga emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been battle-tested in real, life threatening confrontations. There is nothing flashy about the system.


The seeds of the unique Krav Maga Self Defense System were planted back in the late 1930s in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia by a young man named Imi Lichtenfeld. Imi was a natural athlete, holding European championship titles in a variety of sports, including boxing, wrestling, and gymnastics. It was from his father, however, a famous and highly respected police detective and trainer, that Imi learned street fighting skills that he woud use to save his own life and those of his neighbors on the rough streets of Eastern Europe.

Prior to World War II, Imi was fortunate enough to escape from Eastern Europe. He arrived in the Middle East and began fighting for the independence of Israel. Shortly after the formation of the fledgling state, Imi was hanpicked by the government to create a practical, highly effective self defense and hand-to-hand combat system for the military. Keenly aware of the differences between sports competition and street survival, Imi developed the Krav Maga System, which was initially taught only to the Israeli Defense Forces, National Police, and Secret Service. Because of its incredible effectiveness, Krav Maga has since spread to the civilian population and is now taught throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and the United States.

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