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Krav Maga Level 3 – Green Belt Curriculum

“Don’t hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting, but never hit softly.”

1. Straight punches on Focus Mitts
2. Straights, Hooks and Uppercuts on Focus Mitts
3. Combinations on Focus Mitts and Thai Pads

Punch Defenses
1. Inside Defenses vs. Left/Right from Fighting Stance
2. Inside Defenses vs. Left/Right

From Fighting Stance & Passive Lean Back & Trap
3. Inside Defenses vs. Left/Right using Forward Hand
4. Overhand Punch Defense vs. Right Cross
5. Outside Defenses 1-5
a. Palm to Self Thumb Out
b. Thumb to Self
c. Ducking under Punch Letting Punch Roll Overhead
d. Stabbing Defense Against Sticks
e. Pinky Out Palm To Attacker (Punch from side)
6. Punch defenses and Basic Counter Attack

1. Round kick Sweep
2. Heel kick Sweep

Fall Breaks/Rolls
1. High Fall-Break Back & Side
2. Forward Fall-Break Soft & Hard
3. Forward Roll
4. Forward Roll with a Back Fall-Break
5. Side Roll with a Fall-Break

Head butts
1. Head butt Forward
2. Head butt Side
3. Head butt Backwards
4. Head butt Upwards

1. Defensive Spinning Back Kick
2. Offensive Back Kick
3. Offensive Back Kick with a Spin
4. Heel Kick
5. Inside Slap Kick
6. Outside Slap Kick
7. Outside Slap Kick with Combination

Kick Defenses
1. Kick Defenses vs. High Round Kicks
2. Kick Defenses vs. High Round Kicks Reflexive

1. Reverse Headlock from Ground (Guillotine)
2. Reverse Headlock from Standing (Guillotine)

Hair-grab Defense
1. From the Front
2. From the Side
3. From the Back
4. From All Direction with Knee Defense

Gun Defenses (NOT ON TEST)
1. Gun from the Front using Left Hand
2. Gun from the Front using Right Hand
3. Gun from the Side Left & Right
4. Gun from behind touching

Stick Defenses (NOT ON TEST)
1. Overhead Swing/Live Side

Ground Work
1. Choke from the Side Defense using Arm bar
2. Choke from the Side Defense Kick to the Face
3. Headlock from the Side Basic Position
4. Headlock from the Side Weight Forward with Leg Wrap
5. Headlock from the Side Weight Forward with Space
6. Headlock from the Side Weight Backward
7. Guard Break Stacking/Striking
8. Guard Break Can-Opener
9. Kick Off From Guard
10. Bottom Guard Scissor Sweep
11. Bottom Guard Kimura Hip Over Sweep

1. Double Leg
2. Single Leg – Head Inside
3. Single Leg – Head Outside
4. Single Leg – Knee Taps (front & back)
5. Single Leg Low – Hyper extension\Toe pick

Takedown Defenses
1. Review Basic Sprawl
2. Advanced Sprawl
3. Defense against single leg (head outside) – sprawl/cross face and wizzer
4. Defense against single leg (head inside) – leg hook & kick off

1. Pummeling
2. Over hook\Under hook concepts
3. Neck Tie\Thai Clinch
4. Arm Drags
5. Sit Out
6. Defense vs. clinch
a. Early detection pluck
b. Two on one
c. Swimming
d. Duck under
e. Ear pull to duck under

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