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Krav Maga Level 2 – Orange Belt Curriculum

“Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.”

1. Passive Position Striking to Fighting Stance
a. Moving Drills
2. Bobbing and Weaving
a. Drills with a Partner
b. Drills with a Rope
3. Bobbing and Weaving with Counter Attack
a. Drills with Focus Mitts

Combatives Upper Body
1. Hooks
2. Uppercuts
3. Combination
4. Combination ALL Combatives
5. Chop-Inside and Outside
6. Ridge Hand/Mouth of Hand Punches
7. Overhand Punches

Striking Defenses
1. Inside Defenses With Counter Attack
2. Inside Defenses vs. Left with Left Hand
3. Inside Defenses vs. Right with Counter
4. Defenses against Hooks
a. Extended
b. Bobbing and Weaving
c. Covering
5. Defenses against Uppercuts
6. Defenses against Combinations

Combatives Lower Body
1. Defensive Front Kick
2. Sidekick without Advance
3. Sidekick with Advance
4. Back Kick without Advance
5. Back Kick with Advance
6. Uppercut Back Kick

Kick Defenses
1. Fighting Stance Groin Kick Defense with Shin
2. Passive Position Groin Kick Defense with Shin
3. Outside Stabbing Defense for Groin Kick
4. Outside Stabbing Defense Low & Mid with Hooking
5. Reflexive Defense against Groin Kick
6. Inside Defense against High Front Kick
7. Stopping Defense against Front Kick
8. Defense against Low Round Kick
a. Absorbing
b. Shin Check
c. Dodging

Self Defense
1. Choke from Front against Wall
2. Choke from Behind against Wall
3. Choke from Behind with Pull
4. Rear Naked Choke
5. Bear Hug from Front
a. Arms Caught with Space
b. Arms Caught No Space
c. Arms Free
d. Arms Free with Leverage on Neck
e. Arms Caught & Free Lifting
6. Bear Hug From Behind
a. Arms Free
b. Arms Free Leverage on Finger
c. Arms Caught Above & Below Elbows
d. Arms Caught & Free Lifting
7. Modified Sprawl against knees

Ground Work
1. Back Fall Break Review
2. Side Fall Break
3. Ground and Pound Using All Combatives
a. Top & Bottom in Guard Position
b. Mount Top & Bottom Position
c. Top & Bottom Side Position
d. Rear Mount Top & Bottom Position
4. Defenses against Strikes All Positions
5. Mount Top
a. Arm Bar Submission
b. Front Headlock Submission
c. Popping Up and Out
6. Mount Bottom
a. Trap and Roll from Mount Bottom Position
b. Choke Defense – Pluck & Buck
c. Choke From Behind While Mounted
d. Headlock Defense
e. Elbow Escape
f. Arm Bar Defense
g. Front Headlock Defense
h. Wrists Pinned
7. Guard Bottom Position
a. Drills to Avoid Punches
b. Pulling Forward with Guard to Rear Mount
c. Kick Off From Guard
8. Guard Breaks
a. Explosive Escape to Standing
b. Can Opener
9. Side Control Top
a. Americana
b. Arm Triangle
10. Side Control Bottom
a. American Defense
b. Arm Triangle Defense

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