Xtreme Krav Maga MidTown

Tim Dewitt – Yoga Instructor

Tim is a movement enthusiast. He is a practitioner and instructor of multiple health activities ranging from Yoga, the Lagree method, to high impact fitness, and self defense.

After taking his first Krav Maga class he immediately knew this was special and necessary to so many people. Tim believes to be sufficient in self defense, we also need to train our range of motion, proprioception, as well as movement ability.

Take one of Tims classes to work toward a better understanding of your body, and to bring more balance into your self defense training.

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“I’ve never taken a yoga class like Tim’s. We got our stretch on, but I was SWEATING and my legs were shaking. It was a great cross between loosening up my body and working it at the same time. Love it!

– Margaret, Student & Co-Owner

Classes Taught: Strength & Mobility Yoga

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