Xtreme Krav Maga MidTown

Jesse Beebe – Phase A Instructor

Two years ago, I saw an episode of Fight Science on the National Geographic channel about Krav Maga. I have an injured back, I have never studied martial arts before and I have always thought of myself as mainly a weapons type of guy.  At the time I thought Krav Maga looked really bad ass but I didn’t think it would work for me.  I was mostly interested in it for my daughter.

I found Xtreme Krav Maga online and my daughter started attending classes. After a few months of watching, I decided to try a class for myself.  We did gun defenses and I’ve been hooked ever since.
Now I take conditioning classes, beginner/intermediate/advanced Krav Maga and MMA classes.  My back has never felt better.  If I don’t make a class I feel like I’m missing out on something cool!

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