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6 Week Get Fit Challenge

6 Week Get Fit Challenge


Check out the TESTIMONIALS and progress from
previous XKM 6 Week Challenge Members!

Plus Meal plan and at home workouts
**You can makeup workouts if you miss.

All you have to do is sign up, and show up!
•Set personal goals
•Pre & Post Challenge Photos
•Meal Plan\Nutrition\Meal Prep Assistance
•At home workouts
•Safe & fun
•Gain Confidence & Self Esteem
•Comfortable, Supportive Training Environment
•Experienced Certified Instructors
•No Intimidation Co-Ed Beginner’s Class
•Awesome workouts!
Don’t wait another minute, start your transformation now, and you’ll thank your self in 6 weeks, instead of wishing you would have joined!!

“I joined the 6 Week Fitness Challenge February of 2016, in hopes of getting in better shape for my November wedding. I was very apprehensive to invest since I had been a member at another gym for about 15 years. Even though I have played sports and worked out for the majority of my life, I was scared to be the “new” person. I cannot express enough how happy I am to have committed to the 6 week challenge. It was motivating, informative and fun. Being someone who has always worked out, this program mixed up my whole outlook to fitness and nutrition. I saw results that I haven’t seen in years!

I think the most attractive aspect of the challenge (and the gym in general) is all of the one-on-one attention you receive. You’re taught how to properly exercise, as well as, make modifications to prevent injuries. Since the challenge is designed to teach the basics of Krav Maga, it gives working out a “purpose”. Needless to say, since I loved the challenge so much, I became a member of the gym, tested and received my yellow belt.

Overall it’s been a great experience I’ve learned a lot, got in the best shape I’ve been in ( down 16 lbs and 10 inches) and made some pretty cool friends :)”            – Rachel R.

Current Progress: Down 16 lbs and 10 Inches


I never believed that committing to something for 6 weeks could change my life but it has done exactly that.  Last December I was searching for something.  I was overweight, had bad eating habits, didn’t exercise, and my self-esteem was nearly nonexistent

When I saw the 6 Week Challenge pop up in my Facebook feed something clicked.  I went up to XKM and interviewed with Steve.  He asked me why I wanted to do this, if I could commit to being there both mind and body, and if I was willing to do the work.  I honestly thought “buddy, if I don’t like the first week I can just drop out”…so I proceeded to sign up.  

When the time came for the first class, I was terrified.  I thought of every excuse to not go.  I didn’t want to make a fool of myself!  Going to that first night was the best decision I could have made
The workout was challenging and like nothing I had done before.  It was exciting being pushed and motivated and trying new things.  I soon found myself looking forward to going to the gym!!

When the 6 Week Challenge came to an end I knew that I had to keep going.  I joined the gym and continued taking classes with the outstanding group of girls I now call close friends and the dynamic trainers of XKM.  I’ve lost 25lbs but what I’ve gained is so much more valuable.  I have an amazing support system of gym friends, I have healthy habits and the knowledge to sustain them, and I’ve found my self-esteem and confidence again.   The 6 Week Get Fit Challenge started it all!!!         

 – Jamie F.

Current Progress: Down 25 lbs and 18 Inches


Results are in!! I completed 6 Week Fitness Challenge.  I’m down 13lbs and 11.5 inches.  I loved the instructors, they are so dedicated to all of us meeting our goals.  I was so excited to sign up after it was over to keep improving and get in better shape. 

The paleo meal plan was a life changer, it helped me learn and understand eating clean. It was a challenge for me to step outside of my comfort zone, but so glad I did because the intimidation was gone right away.  I train regularly now and have more confidence in myself than ever before.    
      – Shana B.

Current Progress: Down 13 lbs and 11.5 Inches

Tim got involved with Krav Maga because on October 1st, 2012, his birthday, he made a promise to himself to change his lifestyle from the sedentary, fast-food laden, pack of cigarettes a day rut he was in to a more healthy and active lifestyle.

A little after a month into running and lifting, he found himself becoming bored with regular gyms, and decided to make the switch to XKM. Tim was still motivated, but a lack of variety was frustrating. A quick google search brought up Xtreme Krav Maga & Fitness St. Louis and their 6 week fitness challenge and the rest is history.

My advice for members both experienced and new is to keep going, no matter what. At times training can be frustrating, but remember to just breathe and keep going. This could save your life one day!        – Tim D.


Current Progress: Down 150+ lbs and 44 to 32 Inch Waist



–       Mike D.

Current Progress: Down 100 lbs and 40 to 36 Inch Waist


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